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                 The       €uro Cycle Touring Ride

                                                       For        Peace

                                                            Between Nations


In 1999, the «Celebration of the Bicycle in Paris Area” was organized. To this program a long distance rally BRUSSELS-PARIS, Audax formula, was added, in order to export the project to other European  capitals. The aim was to try to start a real “European Celebration of the Bicycle”.


The first ride BRUSSELS LUXEMBOURG - STRASBOURG, which was organized in 2000, thanks to the Information Office of the European Parliament in Paris and particularly to the kind help of its Vice-President Christian Garrigues, constitutes the real creation of the “Euro P’N’”. Over a quarter of the representatives of the countries of the European Community were on their bicycle. This was an encouraging participation.

The second edition STRASBOURG - PARIS took place in 2001, still mainly with the support of the European Parliament and also of the “Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France” and the “Mairie de Paris”. Sixty persons or so represented 9 out of the 15 countries of the United Europe. This “European Celebration” came back in the French capital.

In 2002, 3rd organization : PARIS BRUSSELS - LUXEMBOURG. Departure from the “Cipale”, as a Parisian prologue, in the presence of Mr Denis Baupin (Vice-Mayor of Paris), of a representative of the CROSIF and of Dominique Lamouller, President of the French Cycle Touring Federation. Arrival in BRUSSELS at the European Parliament,as in 2000, but this time on the bicycle

LUXEMBOURG (from where, 3 months ago, the 89th Tour de France started) : great honour for the burgomaster who wants his town to be the UNAVOIDABLE capital of cycling in all its forms. This premiere in Luxembourg gives the opportunity to meet our 3rd “parrain”, following Luc LEBLANC and Albert BOUVET : Bim DIEDERICH, cyclist in the fifties who draws the attention of his audience, while relating his anecdotes  and feats brilliantly and with eloquence, as if it happened last week !

On Sunday morning, thanks to the Federation of Cycling from Luxembourg and a club from the subburb, two routes made some foreigners in Luxembourg discover unknown regions of this magnificent country.

In 2003, STRASBOURG welcomes us, as in 2000 and 2001, and the party at the European Parliament is, this time again, appreciated by our small group, bearer of a message for PEACE between nations. Nevertheless “radical change” the great innovation : during these 3 days almost all

the routes will pass through Germany, thanks to our friend Winfried, a true European, who joined us in 2002 as two colleagues of his. Three routes will hills will make us discover a part of this splendid country

STRASBOURGBELSTEIN : 165 kms. We will arrive in our friend’s fief. A local fanfare will welcome us and we will appreciate a “royal way of living” for one evening.

BELSTEINWOLFSTEIN : nearly 200 kms with a difficult hill on arriving at the youth hostel, and party in the presence of the burgomaster himself in KAYSERSLAUTERN, as, besides, almost everywhere all along the trip. Here again, our message for PEACE is much appreciated.

To finish, the landscape will be quite as beautiful on the way to the “Grand Duché” via and along the “Moselle”. The day after, another guide from Luxembourg will make some of the “Ambassadors for Peace” discover his splendid capital. Now we are back to LUXEMBOURG and happy to see our nice “parrain” again. Our friends from Moselle will join us for our Sunday morning ride, in order, if possible, to make some more people attend this “European Celebration” which has difficulty taking off.



2004, fifth edition, ANCONA - ATHENS. Arrival in Athens just at the time of the opening Paralympic Games. The aim is to try to make another foreign capital organize the “Celebration of the Bicycle” with the participation of a maximum of countries of the Community. Unfortunately, with now 25 countries in the European Community, it will be more difficult to achieve this aim than with 15 countries. The last two years, 10 then 11 countries were present. This Olympic year, the “Euro P’N’” takes place at the same time as the AUDAX organization. Departure : Ancona. The sixty cyclists and their message for PEACE through the United Europe got on board of the ship to go to Greece. 600 kms in 3 days, and superb landscapes. After being welcome in the home of the former Italian champion Ercole BALDINI, the icing on the cake was, with no doubt, the friendly party at the “Club France”, in the presence of Jean-François LAMOUR (French Minister of Youth and Sports). Our European friends representing 10 countries of the Community will keep this event in their memory for probably the rest of their life.


In 2005... IMPORTANT CHANGE ...  the organizing people remain the same, but they are now under the guidance of the European Union of Cycle Touring created by the FFCT. For the 6th “Euro P’N’” : gathering in ALBERTVILLE, where the first European week of cycle tourists took place. Departure on Sunday Sept.25th and triumphant arrival in ROME at the European Parliament Office on Thursday Sept.29th.  Five day journey and over 900 kms. Less nations : 9. But this ALBERTVILLE -ROME is a great success.


In 2006, with  the help of our “Spanish and Portuguese friends”, we have coupled the two capitals MADRID - LISBON : we took many beautiful secondary roads which have helped us to discover more deeply the countries that many Europeans choose for their holiday. We started from the   European Parliament Office in Madrid and arrived at the Office in Lisbon.


For 2007 it will be LONDRES-PARIS for the fifty years old of the Treaty of ROME Two new offices London & Paris


In 2008 we renew the experience of joining an Olympic capital in the capital of a country, to honor our Austrian Perreux between INNSBRUCK & WIEN, magnificent course recognized several times by Franz had "prepared his case at best"


In 2009, it is still a country that we have never visited our host: GOTHENBURG - STOCKHOLM, through our "Breton exile for forty in this beautiful country, we can say that Jean-Claude has made the things. What "Beautiful Ride"


In 2010 we return a portion of the course of 2002, with a departure ROTTERDAM, from the Netherlands, with a stop in BRUSSELS, then a step in our "Friends of CAUDRY” for a triumphant arrival in our capital at the Hôtel de Ville PARIS to celebrate the tenth anniversary


In 2011 Start of MARCHE EN FAMENNE (Bel.) instead of the SE in the direction of Germany, with stops in Bonn, Hessenstein,Nordhausen, Wittenberg, arriving "triumphalism" in the Reichstag in 

BERLIN, a reception by the MP GEINGER Eberhart, and a tour of this magnificent building.

 nion of Cycle Tourng created by the FFCT. For the 6th “Euro P’N’”

                                                    The forecast for future years

2012: Departure from 
Porto (Port.) towards Gijon instead of S. E. (Spain), with stops in Valencia, Saint Jacques de Compostela, Muros de Nalon birthplace of our new "Godfather"


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L’ €uro P N Randonnée cyclotouristique pour la PAIX entre les NATIONS